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Title Location Type
Historico-geographical approach
1. Historico-geographical approach Short film
2. Historico-geographical approach to urban morphology Briefing paper
3. An interview with Professor MRG Conzen Film
4. An interview with Professor JWR Whitehand Film
5. British urban morphology: the Conzenian tradition Paper
6. Urban Morphology Research Group Website
7. Planning for character: an urban morphological concept in planning practice Website
Process-typological approach
8. Process-typological approach Short film
9. Typological approach to urban Morphology Briefing paper
10. Urban design methods: Muratori and Caniggia Film
11. Saverio Muratori and the Italian school of planning typology Paper
12. From Muratori to Caniggia Paper
Space syntax
13. The configurational approach Short film
14. Space syntax approach to urban morphology Briefing paper
15. Space Syntax – Company Introduction Short film
16. Space is the machine Book
17. Space Syntax – Online Training Platform Website (meta-resource)
18. Space Syntax Network Website (meta-resource)
19. The Journal of Space Syntax Website (meta-resource)
Relational-material approach
20. Relational-material approach to urban morphology Briefing paper
21. The relational-material approach Short film
22. The relational-material approach.Concept art vídeo Short film
23. Interview with Professor Charis Christodoulou Short film
24. Urban morphology: a relational-material approach Reader


Other resources
25. International Seminar on Urban Form Urban Morphology Website (meta-resource)
26. Environment and Planning B: urban analytics and city science Website (meta-resource)
27. UNESCO World Heritage List Website
28. The greatest grid Website
29. Charles Booth’s London Website
30. The Pruitt-Igoe Myth Film
31. The Seaside Research Portal Website
32. Citizen Jane: battle for the city Film
33. What is a city? WqDbHic Short Film
34. What is a complex system? Short film
35. Global cities Film
36. What is cellular automata modeling? Short film
37. Fractals and the art of roughness Short film
38. Fractal cities: a geometry of form and function Book
39. A science of cities Website (meta-resource)
40. Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis Website (meta- resource)
On the combination of different approaches
41. Nicosia Round Table Film
42. Porto Round Table Film
43. Porto Intensive Workshop E-book